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creative ceremony



What is shapelight?​

shapelight is a participatory experience of creative ceremony, cultivating a sacred connection to spirit and ancestors, earth and each other.

We bring together an intimate group of participants, for creative and mystical encounters that explore the intangible parts of ourselves and our world. Nurturing creative intuition, participants build ephemeral and intimate installations with and of each other, using body, sacred objects, light and sound. We engage our stories, bodies, lineages and landscapes to generate an imaginative & ceremonial experience - where everyone is both a performer and a witness.


 Our process includes:

 transformative ceremony.

creative play. nature rituals.

collective storytelling.

sacred geometry.

meditation. expansive theatre. 

embodied installation.



Bushwick 2021: Young Women's Leadership School

Red Hook 2021: Falconworks Theatre & Red Hook Art Project

Omaha 2020: Creighton University
Beirut 2019: American University of Beirut