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What is shapelight?​


shapelight brings together an intimate group of participants, for creative and mystical encounters. Our team curates ritual-theatre experiences where participants:

- Create ephemeral installations & altars with objects, body, light and sound 

 - Cultivate connection with writing and theatrical performance  

- Meditate (sitting & movement)

 - Develop rituals for transformation

shapelight nurtures intuition, creative play and transformation.




Let us explore our sacred connection to the heart of the earth.


In this 2 hour virtual workshop, each participant will create a personal ritual connected to earth. We will bury old wounds and plant new seeds of transformation. We will listen to, call in and honor our earth.


(workshop includes meditation, storytelling, creative writing, installation, performance and ritual)

the element series will be held virtually each month, from February through June 2021

Each workshop is inspired by one of the 5 elements: water, earth, air, fire and space.



Omaha 2020: Creighton University
Beirut 2019: Mediterranean Director's Lab
Brooklyn 2018: Target Margin Theater

photo credits:

Creighton Photography / Noelle Ghoussaini

Basma Baydoun / Noelle Ghoussaini

TMT 2018 Institute Fellows


our team.



Noelle Ghoussaini

Artistic Director

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Noelle Ghoussaini creates expansive and genre-defying theatrical experiences exploring the politics and spirit of liberation. She is dedicated to equity, connection and creativity for all beings.

You-Shin Chen

Graphic / Installation Designer

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You-Shin Chen is a New York based Taiwanese designer who is committed to diversity and humanity. Trained as a theatre designer, she centers the human experience in the process of creating a three dimensional space.


 "Through shapelight I discovered new ways to be vulnerable. I watched us transform our space and the way we connected to the world around us."

-Jill, Theatre Student


We offer:

1-4 week residencies or singular experiences

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artist's note.

A note from the

Artistic Director

Shapelight started from an impulse. A knowing. How could my embodied feminine, Lebanese-American, time-traveling, community-focused, boundary-pushing and expansive inner spirit world existence be translated into a performative experience with and for community? 

I was tired of creating theatre for proscenium stages. Of separating audience and performer. I was tired of being told I was too poetic. That my stories weren’t linear enough. That I needed to box myself into forms of expression that didn’t suit the experience of my body and heart. I wanted to explore and re-imagine the boundaries of theatre through creative ceremony and ritual: honoring spirit and sacred gathering.


In 2018, I spent my year long fellowship at Target Margin Theatre exploring sacred geometry, light installation, exploratory meditation, ritual and performing for ancestral spirits - in collaboration with a team of incredible artists. I realigned with creative forms that resonated deep in my body, spirit and heart. These experiments, these community rituals, this playfulness and explorations were the birth of shapelight.

Shapelight has now traveled, and been explored with students, designers, directors, performers and teachers in the US and the Middle East.

And our team expands. You-shin and I have been working together for many years - and she is one of the most collaborative, visionary and intuitive designers I have ever worked with. We have shared values of community, the transformative power of theatre and social justice.We are two women, working together to build creative experiences rooted equity, healing and freedom.

Our team continues to explore the original impulses of this project: how do we honor our spirit, our ancestors and each other through ritual, performance and creative ceremony. Yet, shapelight is ever evolving. We are excited to invite you to join us in the journey - as YOU are at the center of how it unfolds. 

Special thanks to the teachers, collaborators, ancestors and spirit guides, all of whom have been instrumental in making shapelight possible. 

shapelight was first explored with the support of the 2018 Target Margin Theater Institute.